About the Army Sniper Association

The Army Sniper Association is comprised of snipers both past and present. Our organization exists to serve and support Army snipers, their families and the U.S. Army Sniper School. We also support our sniper brethren from other branches of our military and our allied nations as well. One of the ways that we do this is by holding the International Sniper Competition every year which brings snipers from all over the free world together not just to compete; but to exchange information amongst each other. Specifically; lessons learned from combat.

During the competition we also bring in the leading manufacturers and developers from the industry to talk with our snipers so that they can get invaluable feedback on their equipment from the user. These industry leaders are also given a day at the end of the competition to display and demonstrate their latest and greatest weapons and equipment to our snipers.

Our organization also provides assistance to the families of our fallen snipers through the SSG Eric Caban Fallen Sniper Fund. This fund enables us to provide assistance in the form of a monetary grant to the families of our fallen brothers.

Last year our Fallen Sniper Memorial was unveiled as well as the Sniper Paver Section along the Heritage Walk of Honor at the National Infantry Museum.

Snipers come from all walks of life. They are ordinary people who do extraordinary things in combat. Our snipers dedicate their entire being to their job because that’s what it takes. They constantly work to improve their skills. When they are not training, they are usually doing research on looking for better ways to do their job. They are masters of their trade because they are always learning. Their job doesn’t end for them at 1700 on the close of business when the rest of their unit finishes the duty day.

Our Snipers are not like the other soldiers in their units. They have a fire that burns inside of them and drives them to relentlessly hunt down and destroy our enemies on their home turf. Their willingness to go outside the wire and hunt the enemy in their own backyard night after night without remorse is what makes them extraordinary. This is also the reason why they are feared and hated by our enemies and have a price on their head.

Although our snipers create fear and panic among our enemies on the battlefield; they also watch over their fellow soldiers and have often been described as “Guardian Angels” of their units and our allies. Any soldier who has ever been pinned down by enemy fire will tell you that there’s no better feeling when you’re pinned down than hearing the sounds of a few single shots being fired out of nowhere extinguishing the enemies gunfire.

If you would like to become a member then please follow our membership application process on this page. If you are a non-sniper and you would like to donate or assist this organization then please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

For our Fallen Brothers; May they rest in peace. To our brothers who are out there somewhere in the night; Good Hunting.

Stan Crowder | President | Army Sniper Association