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Join the Army Sniper Association

Applicants for membership in the Army Sniper Association must provide supporting documentation to prove eligibility. We do our membership vetting by contacting whichever Sniper School that an applicant is claiming to be a graduate of to see if they really are a graduate. Every Sniper School keeps records of every one of their graduates. If you’re not on the records of the school that you say you graduated from then we cannot approve your membership application.

We accept applicants that are graduates of the following Sniper Schools:

  • U.S. Army Sniper School, Fort Benning Georgia
  • NGMTC Sniper School, Arkansas (you must have completed both phases)
  • SOTIC (Currently known as SFSC)
  • USMC Scout Sniper Basic Course
  • NSW Sniper School

For Law Enforcement:
We accept graduates of a federal or state law enforcement sniper course.

We do not accept applicants who submit the following credentials:

  • Squad designated Marksman (SDM, LRM or DDM)
  • Any certificates from courses that are run by a college or university
  • Any certificates that are from a training company or range club

After applying, please email a copy of your sniper school certificate to