The Army Sniper Association Election is pending.  The time has come to select “New” Executive Board Members to run the Army Sniper Association for a 3-year time period.  The following positions need to be filled and voted on by as many members as possible:

President: (Open for nomination)

Vice President: Butch Cady will remain as the Vice President

Secretary: (Open for nomination)

Treasurer: Johnathan Payne (Vote was held to retain)

If a member desires to fill one of the vacant Executive Board positions you will need to submit a Biography and the Position you want to be elected to.  This document is submitted to the Secretary at

Once the recommendations and biographies are received they will be posted to the website, Facebook page and Instagram accounts to allow all members to review and prepare to vote.  Recommendations and Biographies must be received no later than 2 March 2018 in order to allow all members to review the recommendations and biographies prior to the election.  The Election will be held from 0900 (hrs) 12 March – 16 March 2100 (hrs) 2018 eastern standard time (EST).  The link for voting will be posted on the all social media accounts and all members are allowed to vote only once.

The ASA held a meeting on 02/02/2018 and recommended to retain the current Treasurer Johnathan Payne, a vote was held and the results were unanimous. Johnathan Payne will remain the Secretary of the ASA through 2021.

2014 Standings


Art Prieto (Presidential Nominee) – Click For Bio