Event Results


1st Place: Team 16: 1st Special Forces Group
SFC Travis Croy & SSG Rudolph Gonsior

2nd Place: Team 30: 3rd Special Forces Group
SFC Terry Grower & SFC Neil Hudspeth

3rd Place: Team 38: USASOC
MSG Sean Wiseman & SSG Stephen McAuley

4th Place and Top International: Team 10: United Kingdom
CPL Daniel Stanton & CPL Robert Nichols

5th Place and Top Conventional Army: Team 5: 10th Mountain Division
SSG Andrew Duncan & SGT Karch Chancellor

6th Place and Top Law Enforcement: Team 32: Department of Justice
Paul Tobias & Chris Kovacik

7th Place and Top Marine Corps: Team 25: USMC Pendleton
SGT Patrick Trujillo & SGT Steven Curry

8th Place and Top National Guard: Team 20: Warrior Training Center
SSG Robert Summers and SSG Joshua Cavalier

9th Place: Team 26: USMC ITC
SGT Matt Preuss & SGT Kyle Mihalecz

10th Place Team 17: 6th RTB
SSG Justin Anderson & SSG Michael Davenport

11th Place: Team 36: 101st ABN DIV
Dylan Stacy & Cameron Singletary

12th Place: Team 29: 101st ABN DIV
James Davis & Adam Montgomery

13th Place: Team 35: 101st ABN DIV
Robert Catapano & Bradley Simpson

14th Place: Team 24: 3/75th RGR REGT
Robert Hansen & Erik Vargas

15th Place: Team 11: Denmark
Ipsen & Sorenson

16th Place: Team 1: 101st ABN DIV
Austin Kelly & Jeffrey Speck

17th Place: Team 28: 10th MTN DIV
Eric Rundquist & Shad Cricks

18th Place: Team 23: Pentagon ERT
Mark Fields & Christopher Rance

19th Place: Team 4: 3rd IN DIV
Cameron Pope & Preston Daigle

20th Place: Team 14: RSTB/75th RGR REGT
Samuel Hoffman & Jason Belford

21st Place: Team 39: Ireland
Barry McKenna & Adam Gallagher

22nd Place: Team 15: Special Forces Sniper Course
Jared Cole & Marc Hatley

23rd Place: Team 9: 3rd IN DIV
Robin Poole & Bryan Coslett

24th Place: Team 21: Wisconsin Army National Guard
William McCormick & Ronald Schultz

25th Place: Team 22: Iowa Army National Guard
Jeremy Henrich & Jaime Koopman

26th Place: Team 19: 25th IN DIV
Charles Riegal & Thomas Roberts

27th Place: Team 31: Department of Homeland Security
Jesse Saucier & Tom Bowes

28th Place: Team 7: 82nd ABN DIV
Chandler Bray & Damien Thomsen

29th Place: Team 33: Covington, GA Police Department
Matt Cooper & Wesley Atha

30th Place: Team 27: USMC Quantico
Augusto Zapatra & William O’Neil

31st Place: Team 12: Germany
Martin Friedrich & Eric Vogel

32nd Place: Team 18: 1st IN DIV
Philip Grieser & Ephraim Harrel

33rd Place: Team 34: 3rd IN DIV
Jack Lincoln & Matthew Shepard

34th Place: Team 3: 4th IN DIV
Daniel Swofford & Christopher Nealis

35th Place: Team 8: 1st IN DIV
Christopher Geber & Michael Ross

36th Place: Team 37: 25th IN DIV
Rey Torres & Paul Reardon

37th Place: Team 6: 1st CAV DIV
Emilio Ontiveros & James Johnson